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Recording Console
SSL 4000 G  Custom Made For Bardo Studios

Loaded with 8 E-Type EQ & 32 G-Type EQ .

G Plus Computer
Full Total Recall
VCA Automation


Synced with Antelope Audio 10M Atomic Clock
Avid Pro Tools HDX Installed on a Black Mac Pro Quad Core Computer (The "Trashcan")

40 Inputs, 40 Outputs

Pro Tools HD Software

Loaded with Waves  Mercury Bundle

Monitor System
ATC SCM 200 3 Way Monitor System, Driven By C Audio Amps
Genelec 1030 Near field Monitors

Yamaha NS 10 M, Driven By Bryston 4B Amp


Tube Mics:

Neumann U-67 Vintage Tube Mic

Microtech Geffel UM92

Microtech Geffel 92.1

Manley Gold Reference Stereo Mic

Sound King EA 002W X2 

Condenser Mics:

Neumann U-87 ai (Vintage)

Neumann U-87 i (Vintage)-Matched Pair

Neumann Km100

AKG 414EB (Vintage), Fitted with C12 Handmade Capsules X2

AKG 414 ULS X2

AKG 451E + CK1 Capsule X2

AKG 451E +CK1s Capsule

AKG 460

DPA 4011+4015 Capsules X2

DPA De Facto

Shure SM81

Ribbon Mics:


Royer SF24 Stereo Mic

Cascade Fat Head - Matched Pair

Beyerdynamic M130

Beyerdynamic M260

Dynamic Mics:

AKG D112

Electro Voice RE20 X2

Shure SM57 X6

Sennheiser MD421 X4

Shure SM7b



Teletronix LA2A - Vintage Edition

UREI LA3A - Vintage Edition

1176 Blackface  - Vintage Edition

1176 Silverface - Vintage Edition

Purple Audio MC77

Neve 2254 Vintage Edition - Stereo Compressor

Really Nice Compressor 1773 - Stereo

UN76 Stereo Compressor With Neve Output Transformers

DBX 165A - X2

Pre Amps & EQ

Neve 1066 Class A Pre Amp & EQ -X2

EMT Tubes Pre -X2

Aphex Aural Exciter & Big Bottom X2


Bricasti M7

TC Electronics M5000 (Two Engines)

Lexicon PCM42

Yamaha REV5


MOTU Midi Time Piece

Guitar Amps

Marshall Super Lead 100W 

Marshall 50W (Vintage-1973)

Messa Boogie Dual Rectifier

Fender Super Reverb (Mid 60s)

Ampeg B-15 Bass Amp

Trace Elliot Commando Bass Amp


Marshall 4X10" JCM 

Marshall4X10" 1960


Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

Yamaha 8000 Custom Drums:

Toms Size: 12" 13" 16", Kick: 22"

Premier Genista Drums:

Toms Size: 10" 12" 14" 16", Kick: 22"

Rentals: Fender Rhodes + Cabinet


- 4X Acoustic Gobos

- There are 48 Studio Lines

-  4 Guitar Lines, Tie Lines to Equipment Room and Amps Room For Additional Guitar Amps Placement.

Cue System

Hearback Personal Cue system, with 5 individual mixers. 

3 Stereo Cues From  Console.

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