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Bardo On Demand
Online Mixing Starting at 280$
Online Mastering - 90$
High end Mixing and Mastering for your music. Done by our audio pros from our studio.
Either on our pristine analog SSL G console, or Hybrid mixing in-the-box, in our state of the art mixing room, your music haven't sound this great.
And for the final touch, Mastering in a world class mastering studio.
Want to enjoy all that?
Just pick the option that  is best for you.
 Our chief engineer, Erez Caspi, who's been mastering top selling albums for the Israeli music industry for the past 12 years, will give your tracks its final touch, in our world class Mastering Studio.
Analog mix on our 
SSL 4040G Console
Mixing on a console which sound became a legend. The SSL G4000. With a vintage outboard gear, Your tracks will get the best treatment possible.
Hybrid Mixing
Studio B
Your tracks will be mixed in a state of the art hybrid mixing studio. A powerful Pro Tools rig, along side with high end analog outboard.
Quick Turnaround 
Mix - In 7 Business Days
Master - In 2 Business Days
*For One Track
Two Sets Of Revisions
Direct Contact With Your Engineer
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